Dating In The Digital Age

Pennies love dollars, and dollars love pennies, but only when the pennies fall into a mess on the floor, in the amount of 100 at a time.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, good. Because it doesn’t make any sense, and neither does dating in the digital age. But you already know this. A quick run through google searches for online dating, dating ideas, or dating in general brings up an entire slew of websites – paid or otherwise, that are there to solve all your dating woes.

Fooled you be not. The truth is, dating in the digital age has really just magnified some of the basic misunderstandings in the dating world, and aggravated an already confusion subject – man and woman.

Yes, the two go hand in hand, but must it be this tenuous?

I only write this from the point of view of a man trying to make headway in the world of online dating and dating in the digital age in general.

When I first started “dating”, (I guess you could call it that), that basically consisted of going to a party, getting drunk, and trying to find someone good looking enough in the dim evening lights to get close to. You know what I’m saying, you do or did the same thing.

But then came cell phones, and even better iphones, or android phones, whatever you have, it’s all just a nuisance. Now you have to deal with real time responses, or the lack thereof, and the frustration of distraction. Have you been in the presence of someone you were interested in lately – maybe a girl at a coffee shop, or bar, or wherever – she’s constantly checking her phone right?

Well this is the reality folks. And on top of it, there’s increased competition, especially if you’re a guy. Just think, you could be on a date with a girl, and she’s constantly checking her phone. Guess what, she could be on a dating site like blendr, or tinder, while you’re trying to talk to her, lining up her next sucker.

So what do you make of all this. One man has thought it all through, and he thought it all through before the “smart phone” even existed. Seems he was a few steps ahead of the game. He’s a buddy of mine named Paul Janka. And I think he wrote this back in 2004 or 2005, can’t remember, but that was well before there were illuminated screens making ghost faces of everyone in a dark bar (that was an iphone dig). But at the time that didn’t exist, but he had other dating problems to deal with.

So he wrote Getting Laid In NYC. Click that and you can read it for yourself for free. It’s a no BS guide to getting past all the dating BS of the digital age. Funny that something written before smart phones even existed could so perfectly address all the issues of today’s digital dating scene.

The fact is, technology has only made dating more complicated, harder, and more ridiculous. That’s why you need to dumb it down just like Paul does in Getting Laid In NYC. The truth is, getting laid, and dating for that matter – let’s be honest, it’s all the basically the same objective – is a primal instinct. And you need to go back in time to gain that knowledge. No new dating site, or dating app, or technology is going to reveal the true human need, or make it any easier to accomplish.

Seems that the cave man techniques always seem to win. You can be as smart or as sophisticated as you want, but you will never beat the cave man to his dinner.

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