Dating In The Digital Age

Pennies love dollars, and dollars love pennies, but only when the pennies fall into a mess on the floor, in the amount of 100 at a time.

If that doesn’t make sense to you, good. Because it doesn’t make any sense, and neither does dating in the digital age. But you already know this. A quick run through google searches for online dating, dating ideas, or dating in general brings up an entire slew of websites – paid or otherwise, that are there to solve all your dating woes.

Fooled you be not. The truth is, dating in the digital age has really just magnified some of the basic misunderstandings in the dating world, and aggravated an already confusion subject – man and woman.

Yes, the two go hand in hand, but must it be this tenuous?

I only write this from the point of view of a man trying to make headway in the world of online dating and dating in the digital age in general.

When I first started “dating”, (I guess you could call it that), that basically consisted of going to a party, getting drunk, and trying to find someone good looking enough in the dim evening lights to get close to. You know what I’m saying, you do or did the same thing.

But then came cell phones, and even better iphones, or android phones, whatever you have, it’s all just a nuisance. Now you have to deal with real time responses, or the lack thereof, and the frustration of distraction. Have you been in the presence of someone you were interested in lately – maybe a girl at a coffee shop, or bar, or wherever – she’s constantly checking her phone right?

Well this is the reality folks. And on top of it, there’s increased competition, especially if you’re a guy. Just think, you could be on a date with a girl, and she’s constantly checking her phone. Guess what, she could be on a dating site like blendr, or tinder, while you’re trying to talk to her, lining up her next sucker.

So what do you make of all this. One man has thought it all through, and he thought it all through before the “smart phone” even existed. Seems he was a few steps ahead of the game. He’s a buddy of mine named Paul Janka. And I think he wrote this back in 2004 or 2005, can’t remember, but that was well before there were illuminated screens making ghost faces of everyone in a dark bar (that was an iphone dig). But at the time that didn’t exist, but he had other dating problems to deal with.

So he wrote Getting Laid In NYC. Click that and you can read it for yourself for free. It’s a no BS guide to getting past all the dating BS of the digital age. Funny that something written before smart phones even existed could so perfectly address all the issues of today’s digital dating scene.

The fact is, technology has only made dating more complicated, harder, and more ridiculous. That’s why you need to dumb it down just like Paul does in Getting Laid In NYC. The truth is, getting laid, and dating for that matter – let’s be honest, it’s all the basically the same objective – is a primal instinct. And you need to go back in time to gain that knowledge. No new dating site, or dating app, or technology is going to reveal the true human need, or make it any easier to accomplish.

Seems that the cave man techniques always seem to win. You can be as smart or as sophisticated as you want, but you will never beat the cave man to his dinner.

Adult Chat Rooms and Dating

More and more singles are turning to the internet to find that “special” someone. OKSEXCHAT is a very useful site and with the large number of adult chat rooms , adult singles can do adultchat from their own home or anywhere with an internet connection.

We all live in a world where there isn’t time anymore. Even adult dating is sacrificed by the lack of time. No wonder the internet is a solution. Men and women singles get home from work and they can quickly turn on their computers and type on a search engine of their choice “SEX Chat Rooms” and with just a few clicks they will be chatting on a chat site.

Technology keeps making things easier even for singles. Now days sex chat rooms are equipped with video and audio. Not only can many singles chat by typing messages to one another in live time, now they are able to see and hear the other person they are chatting with.

Is this a good way to date?

I’m not in the position to judge. For many people this is the only option that works for them. If something works why change it? Love is something that can be found anywhere where there are two beings. The internet and chat rooms are not the exception. I say it’s a great way to relax when you get home from a busy day.

Not all adult chat sites have the option for their guests to chat using webcam. But there are many great sites out there that do support both audio and video. Usually all you have to do is click on a site that appeals to you when you do a search for “Sex Chat Rooms” or “ADULT SEX Chat”. After you are taken to the website page you can select a chat room. Since there are many chat rooms it is wise to read their description so that you will enter the right and age appropriate chat. Then type in a nickname and click “connect” It can’t get any easier than that!

Are all chat sites free?

Not necessarily. If you are looking for a porn chat site that won’t charge you to chat, there are plenty of those online. Some will require you to register, others will not. Again it’s completely up to the person behind the computer. Any free chatting rooms are a very good way to meet and fuck other people and singles online.

Safe Sex and Adult Online Dating: What’s the Connection?

What comes to mind when you hear the term “safe sex”? Is it the image of a Trojan package filled with colorful condoms? Is it a theory of lack of penetration during the act of sex? While those things certainly have a spot in the safe sex world, the type of safety that I’m referring to with adult online dating has a little different spin. The adult dating sites that openly offer the opportunities for casual sex, no strings attached, and one night stand affairs offer a different kind of safe sex opportunity.

Safe sex in this new domain, in this new age of sexual freedoms, is the ability to have sexual relationships with a “safe” man or woman. This is someone that you are in no danger of falling in love with, and they are in no danger of falling in love with you.

When you are honest about your reasons for adult online dating, especially on sites that do not promote the illusion that they are going to help you find your soul mate, then you can use dating opportunities in all the various fun, kinky, and sexy styles as a way to enhance your own self-growth on the way to finding a permanent or semi-permanent relationship.

You may be in a transitional stage of your life. Maybe you are a student concentrating on college studies and know that a commitment is not in the cards for you right now. Perhaps you are just starting out in the dating world and want to rack in some experiences so that you can figure out what you really want in a relationship, and what you don’t want. Maybe you are coming off of a bad divorce and need some time to lick your wounds and figure out what the heck happened. Or you could be recently widowed, in need of some physical sexual release, but are not emotionally ready for something permanent.

Whatever circumstances bring you to an adult online dating site, rest assured that you can find someone to play with while you figure things out for yourself.

This playmate, your safe sex partner, must be attractive to you and must be challenging enough to physically arouse you. If it’s a no strings attached arrangement then you both know at some level that while you enjoy each other sexually and maybe as friends, there are either major things missing from the other person for you or you are at a stage of life where you choose not to commit to a single person.

Engaging in safe sex, throw away sex, can be a source of reassurance, physical release, affection and sexual experience. This safe sex serves as a way to release some pressure so that your tank doesn’t explode. When played correctly, you will notice that because of your sexual release through casual sex play, you will feel less desperate to latch on to someone that you know in your gut is wrong for you.

After all, you’re getting your rocks off (or ovaries off, as the case may be) so there is not this panicked sense of urgency to find “the One”. You can think more clearly when you are not desperate.

By using casual sex or one night stands to build your power and confidence, safe sex will allow you to be more relaxed, giving you a confident perspective. When someone comes along that you think you want something more with, you’ll be ready to handle it.

Safe sex and adult online dating work hand in hand. Be safe with your health (yes, I have to remind you to use a condom here); but also engage in activity with a safe sex partner. Release yourself from undesired commitment blood-hounding and just enjoy the benefits of the beautiful body you have been given with all its working parts!

Adult Online Dating: Do You Like One Night Stands

Adult online dating services are becoming the most popular dating web sites around at the moment. The reason can only be more and more singles are wanting to meet other singles purely for a one night stand.

Hundreds of thousands of singles go out every weekend hoping to bump into the right person for a one night stand. In this day and age this is not a safe practice to get into. For one, chances are when you do finally bump into your date for the night you will have had too much to drink. This not only will effect your judgement when it comes to choosing your partner but you probably won’t know what you are doing.

Another danger is once you are alone with your date anything can happen. You may have met someone who has got the wrong idea, and you don’t really want to do anything. It may be too late once you’re back at their home or in a hotel room.

This is where adult online dating services have made meeting other singles for a one night stand safer. Everyone knows why they’re there right from the start, and you are not intoxicated when you meet them. This is the point where online dating actually becomes safer. A lot of singles still think online dating isn’t safe but it’s safer than meeting someone you don’t know in a bar.

Your next step would be to choose a popular adult online dating service. Popularity will tell you how good the service is. You can read plenty of reviews online, and choose for yourself which dating web site to go with. Once you have chosen you will have to create a profile so you can start your free trial. With adult online dating services you definitely have to make your profile very appealing. The first thing to do will be upload a very attractive provocative photo. You have to beat the competition on these web sites. Generally other singles aren’t going to be to interested in your hobbies as much as your usual dating service.

Getting a web cam will be a good idea as web cam chat rooms play a big part in adult online dating. This will add to your safety as well seeing your date before hand, and you can get to know them a lot better.

The next step will be your first offline date. Remember when meeting singles for the first time offline to tell someone where you’re going. This just adds to your safety and is by no means meant to frighten you. Hundreds of thousands of singles have met someone from an online dating service, and they will continue to do so for a long time yet. You have the choice of that or meeting someone you don’t know in a bar or club where you could end up anywhere.

Creating Winning Adult Online Sex Dating Profiles

Are you weighing your options regarding signing on with adult online sex dating sites? Perhaps you are but are wondering if this experience is really for you. Honestly, when you take time out to wonder if you are taking the right steps, you are doing yourself a great service.

Sites that revolve around adult online sex dating are not exactly “PG rated” in nature. As such, it can be understandable that you might have some apprehensions about signing on with such a site.

But, do not dismiss you intentions out of hand. Rather than do this, it might be better to just keep a few things in mind prior to signing on with such a dating site. Here are some of the things you should keep in mind:

Try to keep your identity a secret if you are worried about anyone finding out you signed on with an amorous site. This is pretty to do. Just do not provide any telling personal info or hints of personal info on your profile. You would also want to block out your facial image on any photos. If you do not worry about hiding your identity, you probably would not have to worry about this. Those that do should take the advice herein. It can make the entire experience less of a worry for you.

And speaking of photos, try to make yourself look upbeat and positive in the photos. Sure, a few alluring photos can be a positive. But, it also does not hurt to add a few upbeat and lighthearted photos to the mix as well. They can definitely enhance your chances of impressing someone perusing your profile.

Do not make your profile too adult oriented. Some may scoff at the notion that the profiles on adult online sex dating sites should not be explicit. Honestly, you can devise your profile in any manner you wish. However, it would be to your benefit that you crafted a profile that was not going to undermine the cause. An explicit profile may scare off those potentially interested in you. And yes, this can even happen on adult online sex dating sites.

Does the site offer audio or video capabilities? Placing a pre-recording message on the profile can be a big help. Again, as long as you are not worried about safeguarding your identity, such means of communicating with browsers can prove to be a huge help.

When in doubt, always ask for advice. Sometimes, the customer service department of the adult online sex dating service may be willing to provide a helpful critique of your profile. This could prove to be a huge help to those that may not be sure if their profile is a quality one.